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Others to Come (Pet Taxi, Funeral Services, Assurance Insurance, Pet Sitting)

Grooming of all breeds is available by appointment, Monday-Friday with monthly Saturdays and evenings too.

All  Dog Grooming includes:

*Sanitation of feet, butt, face and ears
*Nail trim, ear cleaning,brush, bath and blow dry
*Anal gland check (small breeds only)

Extra Services:

*Medicated bath
*Pesticide treatment
*Ear flushing (for a chronic problem)

Upon Request: (no extra charge)

*Teeth brushing
*Nail Filing

Most of all I love to be a pups first groomer.  I know from 20 years of grooming that a dogs first grooming experience can make or break the future of this life long chore.
Some of the dogs that are handled harshly, caged, scared or untrained welcome our tender care.
Our dogs are carried and handled with respect, and our nooses are more like a harness then a choke.

We will gladly show you how to groom your dog at home between visits to the groomer.  See our DYI  how to groom a dog.FYI  Includes how to do dog grooming.

Puppy Dog DayCare
  By the Hour

  * All breeds welcome to our Doggie day care center provided they:
           (We may require a 4 hour evaluation prior to acceptance)
*Are neutered/spayed (by 1 year of age for females)
*Are current on vaccinations (proof requested)
*Are not overly aggressive
*Are not fence climbers
*Are healthy (except for prescribed Rx's)

         (Bring a snack, treat or meal PLEASE)

      Doggie Day care Center Fees

Small               $1.50 an hour
Medium           $2.50 an hour
Large               $3.00 an hour

Handicap or Special needs dogs any size $3.00 hour minimum.

Also available for emergency/urgent needs: 10'X10' safe outdoor kennel used for isolating dogs who may not qualify for open yard freedom. They will still have people, playtime and attention many times a day.
Just like "Home" environment for Dog Boarding
 AKA "Pet Hotel" or "Doggy Camp"

small / medium sizes $20.00 24 hrs
medium / large $25.00 24 hrs
  *Daycare rates apply until the next 24 hrs elapses, then it goes back to  boarding price for the next 24 hrs. 

Weekly rates?  (Please inquire in person). 
*We care about our Service men/women and will do what we can to accommodate them.


7:00-7:00 Daycare Mon - Fri
9:00- 5:00 Boarding Sat - Sat
Available 365 days by appointment   (no pick up or drop off on a holiday or after hours please)

Include a grooming with daycare/boarding for a complete package.  You will get a happy ,clean welcome when you come back.


Doggie Doo's & Cats Too  
extends an invitation for your pets grooming only at this location too!


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